Orbit was the second gameproject we created at FutureGames Academy.


Orbit is a deep space exploration/simulation game. In the game you manouver your small mining ship and collect minerals by extracting them from asteroid nodes. The game is made for Oculus Rift and is thus played in first person.


The game was made in four weeks with no prior experience in developing for the Oculus platform.


The game is created using Unreal Engine 4 and scripted using Blueprint visual scripting.

My role in the project

  • Scripting and implementing all Oculus VR support
  • Designing, scripting and implementing ship controls
  • Scripting and implementing randomly generated asteroid fields
  • Designing, scripting and implementing destructible/collectible meteors and mineral node
  • Optimizing to allow performance is up to VR requirements


The HMD updates its orientation depending on how the player manouvers the ship, as it would in real life.

The mining laser lets the player break down mineral nodes to their base components for harvesting.

The player can locate mineral nodes from great distances using the ping function. This makes all minerals emit a ring that the player can follow to find them. Nodes emit two rings and extracted minerals emit one ring.

The gravity field is used for retrieving mineral crystals when they have been extracted from the nodes.

© 2015 Kasper Holmberg