Warhammer: The End Times: Vermintide is a co-operative first person action shooter and melee combat adventure set in the End Times of the iconic Warhammer Fantasy world.


I joined the project shortly after release and have been involved in development for all DLC released.

During the project I have primarily worked in teams as a combat designer, closely colaborating with animators and programmers when developing new features and updating exisiting ones.


My roles in the project

  • Live game balancing using Stingray and LUA
  • Designing and scripting of new weapons
  • Redesigning and scripting existing weapons and weapon traits
  • Enemy encounter design, scripting and balancing
  • Analyzing community feedback and creating action plan


The Drachenfels DLC was already being developed when I joined the project.

For this I primarily did minor balancing and implementation of weapons.


For Karak Azgaraz I designed and implemented the two new weapons: The Witch Hunters Falchion and the Dwarven Rangers Warpick.


I also got the main responsibility of rebalancing the games one-handed weapons to increase their viability in the largely two-handed meta that had been developing in the community. This was met with very positive reception from the players.


For Stromdorf I created a new two-handed Executioner Sword for Markus Kruber.


I also developed what would become the first new enemy encounter added to Vermintide post release, namely the Krench, Stormvermin Champion bossfight. This started as a hackweek project that got released into the game as a fully fledged feature.




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